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unexpected noise

1 January
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  • squeakyboots@livejournal.com
This is basically a place for my LOST fics, rants, squees, etc. I'm not really interested in keeping a proper journal, so most of what I have here will be fandom-related. [NOTE: I've f-locked everything but fic, so if you want to read my extensive ramblings, you'll have to friend!]

Right now, fan fic's my thing. I love Jack and Juliet (and Jack/Juliet or "Jacket") from Lost, so I'll mostly be writing about them. In the future I may write a little Kate/Claire and/or Daniel/Charlotte, because they are awesome and they need more fic. If you like any of these ships, my fic, or any of my other interests, do feel free to friend me! If you're able, drop me a note or comment to let me know what interests we share and I will friend you back!