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June 2012



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Jun. 30th, 2012


On Guard [Jack/Juliet] [PG]

Title: On Guard
Characters/Pairings: Jack, Juliet, Ben implied
Rating: PG
Spoilers/Warnings: S3
Summary: Jack observes the pecking order in the Others' camp.
A/N: Written for drabblefix. This week's theme was "tension." I'm trying to slowly get back into writing my longer stuff, but feeling rather rusty. If you've the time, let me know what works and what doesn't.


By the time Jack gets to the Others’ camp, nobody uses note cards to spell out the hierarchy for him, but nobody has to.Collapse )

May. 18th, 2012


Double Negative [Jack, Shannon] [PG]

Title: Double Negative
Characters/Pairings: Jack, Shannon, Mr. Rutherford, Sarah
Rating: PG
Spoilers/Warnings: S2
Summary: Jack makes a different choice.
A/N: Written for drabblefix: this week was a double drabble (200 words) and the theme was "alternate universe." Not sure how I feel about the quality of this, but here it is...


Jack won’t wait outside the school where Sarah teaches; he won’t keep catching at shadows, won’t ask, “Is that him?” every time he sees the silhouette of another man.Collapse )

Apr. 17th, 2012


Interrogation [Jack/Juliet] [R]

Title: Interrogation
Characters: Jack, Juliet
Pairing: Jack/Juliet
Rating: R (sex implied)
Spoilers: S5, "Whatever happened..." and refs to S3
Summary: Jack reacts to Juliet's questions in the bathroom during "Whatever Happened, Happened."  Written for
[info]drabblefix. Apologies for not being around lately--right now I'm too busy failing at life. :P


The light in the bathroom is so bright that it burns him, reminds him of an interrogation room, and he wonders, oddly, in the middle of it, why they never interrogated him properly back then...Collapse )

Mar. 24th, 2012

charlotte n dan

Bachelor Number Two [Charlotte/Daniel] [PG]

Title: Bachelor Number Two
Characters: Charlotte, Daniel, mention of Miles
Pairing: Charlotte/Daniel
Rating: PG
Spoilers: S6 finale, full stop.
Summary: After the concert, and her disastrous one-night stand with Sawyer, Charlotte questions bachelor number two..
Originally written for the prompt "flower" in [info]drabblefix, but as we've all learned by now, I can't keep within one-hundred words to save my life. :P This is for valhalla37, because my writer's block on the other one has become shameful at this point!


Charlotte can’t believe she’s doing this so soon after her latest relationship disaster, but the concert’s over, and Miles has disappeared, and there’s something strangely magnetic about this man with the silly hat and sincere eyes.Collapse )

Feb. 19th, 2012


Cheesy [Jack/Juliet] [PG]

Title: Cheesy
Characters: Jack, Juliet, David
Pairing: Jack/Juliet
Rating: PG
Spoilers: S6 AU (Jack and Juliet are married).
Summary: Jack's Valentines' Day surprise for Juliet doesn't go as planned.
A/N: We always saddle Juliet with kitchen disasters--I thought it was Jack's turn.
Written for the genre prompt "romance" in [info]drabblefix.


On Valentines’ Day, Juliet opens the door to the smell of burnt cheese.Collapse )

Feb. 7th, 2012


Funny Bone [PG-13] [Jack/Juliet]

Title: Funny Bone
Characters: Jack, Juliet, David, mention of Christian
Pairing: Jack/Juliet
Rating: PG-13 for mention of lady parts
Spoilers: S6 AU (Jack and Juliet are married).
Summary: Jack and Juliet play with David's birthday present.
Written for the prompt "game" in [info]drabblefix. Once again, it got too long, so I'm going to try to write another one that actually is 100 words.


“I think it’s safe to say this one is from my father.”Collapse )

Jan. 25th, 2012


Sandwiches and Hurricanes [PG] [Miles, Charlotte, Daniel]

Title: Sandwiches and Hurricanes
Characters: Charlotte, Miles, Daniel
Pairing: none
Rating: PG
Spoilers: "Jughead"
Summary: What if Miles, Charlotte and Daniel had spent a little more time in Richard's tent before he came to fetch them in "Jughead"? Miles gets hungry.
This was originally for the prompt "chill" in drabblefix, but I just could not get it down to 100 words. I am still working hard on longer Charlotte/Daniel fic, but I'm having some trouble -- this is my training exercise: to write about them until I figure it out.


“I’m going to eat that sandwich,” Miles huffs suddenly, looking at the packet on top of the cooler in the corner of the tent, straining against the ropes that tie them.Collapse )

Dec. 18th, 2011


Straight Line [3/3] [PG] [Jack, Juliet]

Title: Straight Line [3 of 3]
Characters: Jack, Juliet
Pairing: Jack/Juliet implied
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Season 5 AU (Jack jumps, Charlotte lives, Juliet gets pregnant, they decide to leave the island during the 1970s)
A/N: After his conversation with Claire, Jack returns to Juliet


He wonders dimly if his father ever made any promises like this one.Collapse )

Nov. 15th, 2011


Collected Short Fics III

Title: Collected Short Fics III (From Home, Restless, XXOO)
Characters: Jack, Juliet, Claire, Kate, Charlotte, Daniel, Miles & Naomi
Pairings: Jack/Juliet, Claire/Kate, Charlotte/Daniel
Rating: PG-PG-13, as marked
Spoilers: up to season 5 
Summary: Wrote these a while back for Fandom Love Ficathon, but never posted them on my fic page. Here they are!

David’s crib doesn’t fit in the corner...Collapse )

Jul. 15th, 2011


Following, Part 27 [Jack/Juliet] [R] [WIP]

Title: Following (Part Twenty-Seven)
Characters: Juliet, Jack, Charlotte, Daniel, Hurley, Bernard, Rose, Ben, Claire...
Pairing: Juliet/Jack, hints of Charlotte/Daniel
Rating: R for a little making out and cursing.
Spoilers: Season 4, Season 5 (sort of)
A/N:. So I'm not entirely satisfied with the dream right now but I've decided I have to stop nitpicking and post already. If you're still reading this after all these months, thank you! Comments and feedback, both negative and positive, are greatly appreciated! Oh yeah: I also changed the ending of part 26 a tiny bit so that Jack says "I love you" at the end. You'll need to know that to make sense of what happens in this.



Her expression froze somewhere between alarmed and amused.Collapse )

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